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Gotta Stitch Em All Stitch Of Rage

Nearing the end of your amigurumi journey around Kanto, pokémon have become incredibly difficult to stitch. One in particular is atrocious and will torment every stitch you attempt. Good luck!

#122 – Mr. Mime

mr mime amigurumi

by Diana Caulfield

Mr. Mime is creepy. Whether it’s the cheery face or the Pennywise vibe, the barrier pokémon just gives out an uneasy feeling. When it begins its act it is time to worry, afterwards you might face a double slap.

#123 – Scyther

scyther amigurumi

by Rebecca Nishimura

Scyther is terrifying. Just like a mantis, it is able to decapitate its foes. The mantis pokémon is based off a ninja and has lightning speed and agility, and has mastered the move double team to appear like there is more than one.

#124 – Jynx

jynx amigurumi

by Gemma Taylor

Known for appearing remarkably human, Jynx is an illusion all on its own. It is said to sway its hips in such a rhythm that it compels people to begin to sway their hips in unison.

#125 – Electabuzz

electabuzz amigurumi

by Saucy Imp

Electabuzz is known to be enraged to the colour red, so when seeking this pokémon, be sure not to wear red! The electric pokémon is known to cause blackouts by eating all the electricity in power plants.

#126 – Magmar

magmar amigurumi

by Winnie

Magmar is known for living in volcanoes, using the lava to heal its body. The spitfire pokémon dislikes cold places, and creates a suitable environment for itself by setting fire to its surroundings. Stitching this one might become a little heated!

#127 – Pinsir

pinsir amigurumi

by Winnie

Pincir uses its pincers to crush its foe, and if that fails, it will swing it around and launch it as far as it can. The stag beetle pokémon can lift objects twice its weight and shatter logs and trees. It can be notoriously aggressive.

#128 – Tauros

tauros amigurumi

by Winnie

Unless its rampaging all the time, Taurus will not be happy. If there is no opponent for the wild bull pokémon to charge at, it will collide with trees instead, so try not to become a tree!

#129 – Magikarp

magikarp amigurumi

by Marg Crawford

Magikarp is known as the weakest pokémon in Kanto. In the distant past, it was supposedly stronger than it is today. However, all you need to worry about while stitching the fish pokémon is its splash attack. When it evolves however…

#130 – Gyarados

gyarados amigurumi

by Winnie

A stitch of rage and devastation. Gyarados will likely be your toughest foe yet. Known for being utterly ferocious and destroying all yarn and patterns in sight, taming the atrocious pokémon may end up being your last amigurumi pattern.

#131 – Lapras

lapras amigurumi

by Nabila Arquiel

A gentle pokémon that loves to ferry people across the sea. Lapras has a gentle spirit and will be a nice break from the torment you endured crocheting Gyarados. The transport pokémon will help you get to the next stage of your amigurumi!

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