Guinness World Record Holders Of Knitting And Crochet.

Ever wondered what the record is for the fastest crochet speed? Or the largest group of people knitting? We have compiled a list of some of the best Guinness World Records of knitting and crochet.

Most people knitting

Do you enjoy knitting with a group of friends? The National Federation of Women’s Institute managed to set the record for the most people knitting simultaneously in a single location. This was set by 3,083 people at the Royal Albert hall in London, UK in May 2012. Amazing!


Image credit: Avening WI

Longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon

We thought running a marathon itself was hard work let alone attempting to knit whilst on the run. David Babcock did just that in October 2013. Whilst running the Kansas City Marathon (in Kansas City, Missouri, USA) David managed to knit a scarf measuring a whopping 3.70m (12ft 1.75in) while still finishing the run in 5 hr 48 min 27 sec.


Image credit: David Babcock

Largest knitting needles

We all know that you can get different size knitting needles, but did you know that there is a world record for the largest knitting needles? Jim Bolin, in Casey, Illinois, USA created a set which measured 3.98m (13 ft 0.75 in) long and with a diameter of 8.25 cm (3.25 in). Jeanette Huisinga then used them to knit a 10×10 tension square to prove the needles are functional.

knitting needles

Image Credit: Big things in a small town

Fastest Crocheter

Did you ever stop and wonder how fast you crochet? Or challenge yourself to see how many stitches you can create in 60 seconds.  Lisa Gentry of Monroe, Louisiana, USA did just that, managing to set a record of 5,118 stitches in just 30 minutes! That is the equivalent of 170 stitches per minute!
Aluminium crochet hooks 3

Longest scarf knitted by a team

In May 2002 work started on a scarf for Ty Hafan -The Children’s Hospice in Wales. 2000 knitters took part in this three-year long project to create a scarf that measured an amazing 33.74 miles (54.29km) Upon completion the scarf was sewn into blankets for ‘Feed the Children’

longest scarf

Image credit: Wales Online