Netflix Stitch The Walking Dead

Time to pop your corn, cast on your yarn, and Netflix and stitch. This week’s edition will be The Walking Dead. Survive the Apocalypse and defeat the zombies with these fantastic amigurumi patterns.

walking dead amigurumi daryl

by Angie L Murray

Hunting for patterns to help you get through the Apocalypse can be a unique challenge for any crocheter. Luckily, with Daryl Dixon, your chance of surviving this complex situation has been greatly enhanced.

walking dead amigurumi hershel

by Nerd Knitting

Keeping the faith in your crochet is part of the struggle in this apocalyptic world. Fortunately, with Hershel Greene there’s plenty of motivation to keep up the fight against all those that wish to unravel you.

walking dead amigurumi rick

by Lil Killer Cuties

In times of struggle, Rick Grimes will ensure you survive the initial wave of stitches to get through until the end. When the walkers want to unstitch all your hard work, you now have the composure to defeat them.

walking dead amigurumi beth

by AntiqueeOG

Keeping the optimism in your crochet can be difficult when faced with the Apocalypse. Not only are the walkers at your stitches but other bands of people want your patterns. Beth Greene will help to keep you motivated through these tough times.

walking dead amigurumi michonne

by Nerd Knitting