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Bamboo Combined DPN Plus Set

This beautiful set is a dream come true for any fan of double pointed needles. 

Our high quality, resin-injected bamboo offers exceptional strength with no warping or splintering over time. Our bamboo needles are warm to the touch, excellent for knitters with reduced dexterity.

With a carefully selected range of 5", 6" and 8" double pointed needles, in sizes aimed primarily at sock knitters, the set also contains a handful of our much-loved accessories and comes in an iconic HiyaHiya traditional Chinese brocade case.

The bamboo combined DPN plus set contains:

1 x Bamboo DPN 5" 3.00mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 5" 4.00mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 5" 5.00mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 5" 5.50mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 6" 3.25mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 6" 3.50mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 6" 3.75mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 6" 4.50mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 8" 2.00mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 8" 2.25mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 8" 2.50mm

1 x Bamboo DPN 8" 2.75mm

1 x Needle gauge

1 x Pack of six yarn ball stitch markers

2 x Pairs of small panda point protectors

1 x DPN case

Our cases are available in a variety of cases and designs.

Colours may vary.

We have developed a conversion chart for the measurements of needles and crochet hooks, which can be found here.