10 Of The Best Household Patterns On The Web

Does your home need brightening up? Or do you need a nice gift idea for a friend but don’t want to make another scarf? We’ve dug out some of our favourite patterns which we think are both pretty and practical.

Wendy Phillips’ Lavender Sachet Dolls

This adorable little doll pattern would be great as a gift or even just to keep for your own home. With a small, accessible pouch at the bottom to store dried lavender this pattern can be altered to create different looks, so you could have a whole family of dolls. Available as a free, downloadable pattern on LoveKnitting.


Find Wendy on Ravelry as dollytime

Courtney Deley’s Monster Bag Holder

This pattern is a great idea for storing all your old carrier bags or other bits and bobs. You can use any colour you like and adjust the gauge to make it any size you require. What a brilliant idea! Available as a free, downloadable pattern from Ravelry.


Find Courtney on Ravelry as cdeley85

Ahooka Migurumi’s Lego brick tissue box cover

This lovely tissue box cover is perfect to brighten up your coffee table, desk or wherever you usually keep them. Using the iconic Lego brick style, this is a perfect idea to use up any left-over yarn you have. Available as a free, downloadable pattern from Ravelry.


Find Ahooka on her blog Ahookaamigurumi

Anna & Heidi Pickles’ Puff Daddy

This simple puff pattern would make a lovely addition to any home, either as a foot rest or simply as an extra place to sit. Made from super bulky yarn these puffs can be made to match your other furniture, or not! The choice is yours! Available as a free, downloadable pattern from Pickles.


Find Anna & Heidi on Ravelry as picklespatterns

Claire Garland’s Bookmark Birds

These gorgeous Bird bookmarks are perfect to ensure you’ll never loose your page again. This quick and simple project can be made in under and hour and would make a lovely gift. Available as a free, downloadable pattern from Ravelry.


Find Claire on her blog DotPebbles

Elizabeth Arundel’s eReader Pillow Prop

With the growing number of people choosing Ebooks over good old paperbacks. these eReader holders are becoming more and more popular. Elizabeth as designed this simple yet functional pillow which we would absolutely love to receive as a gift. Available as a free, written pattern on her blog lawsofgravity.


Find Elizabeth on Ravelry as ZiziRho

Lizzy (Knitvana)’s Tea Bags Basket

Who doesn’t love to sit down and knit with a good cup of tea? Well how about knitting your own tea bags basket to store all your lovely tea bags! Lizzy has created a lovely pattern, so you can do just that. Available as a free pattern from Knitvana.


Find Lizzy on Ravelry as Knitvana

Amanda Berry’s Fox Cushion

This charming knitted fox cushions are a prefect way to brighten up anyone’s sofa. Designed as basic, square cushion shape it has an extra little poofy tail to add to the quirkiness. This pattern is available as a download from Ravelry.


Find Amanda on Ravelry as fluffandfuzz

Ira Rott’s Lion Leonardo Rug

This absolutely gorgeous rug would be perfect for a child’s bedroom or anywhere in the home you fancy. With a lovely lace style mane and a cute little face this rug is sure to brighten up anyone’s home. Available as a downloadable PDF from IraRott.


Find Ira on Ravelry as IraRott

Pam Powers’ Knitted Terrarium Hanger

We think these would look lovely hanging in a conservatory or a sun-room. A great gift idea, this terrarium hanger is created using cooking twine rather than traditional yarn. This gives it a neutral look while being sturdy enough to support the weight of the glass bowl. Available as a free, downloadable PDF from PamPowersKnits.


Find Pam on Ravelry as PSquared