10 Of The Best Sock Patterns On The Web

With the chilly winter weather making us feel a bit miserable, we decided to compile a list of the best sock patterns on the web to keep your hands busy and your feet warm.

Lauren Riker’s ‘Pawsome Pals’ on Ravelry

These beautiful patterns are available in an assortment of cute animals including Pig, Koala and Fox in a variety of sizes for adults and children alike. With unique little ears at the top and a fun motto on the heel we’re sure you’ll love the outcome of your new project. Available as a downloadable pattern from Ravelry.


Find Lauren on Ravelry as girlyknits

Drops Design ‘Heart Dance’ on Garn Studio

This simple design is both cute and cosy guaranteed to keep your feet warm this winter. Garn studio offer several video tutorials as well as written instructions to help knitters grasp the skills to create this pattern. Available as a downloadable pattern from Garn Studio.


Find Drops Design on Garnstudio

Susie White’s ‘Zigzagular socks’ on Ravelry

Susie tells us that this design came out of her love for variegated sock yarn but lack of will to knit another plain sock. The zigzag pattern really shows off the colours in the yarn and creates a lovely, eye-catching sock design. Available is a free, downloadable pattern from Ravelry.


Find Susie on Ravelry as prairiegirlsusie

Erica Lueder’s ‘Hidden Stairways’ on her blog, Dreams in Fiber

A lovely, colourful pattern inspired by the moving staircases at Hogwarts in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books. Erica goes into great detail with this pattern to ensure even the greenest knitters can keep up. Available as a free pattern from Dreams in Fiber.


Find Erica’s on her blogspot page  Dreams in Fiber

Katharina’s Spiral Socks on Ravelry

Katharina tells us that her inspiration for this design was simply to find a crochet sock pattern that actually fits! These bright, colourful cosy socks have a really unique spiral detail on the heel which is certain to grab the attention of avid crocheters everywhere. Available as a free, downloadable pattern on Ravelry.


Find Katharina on Ravelry as Ohh I love it!

Melody Johnson’s ‘Peppermintoes’ on her blogspot page, Fibermania

Melody’s eye catching and aptly named sock pattern is one we’re sure knitters will enjoy crafting as much as they do wearing them. She includes a very straightforward description with lovely, clear progress photographs. Available as a free pattern on  Fibermania.


Find Melody on Ravelry as Fibermania

Geena Garcia’s ‘YinYang Kitty Ankle Socks’ on Ravelry

Geena states that she was inspired to create this pattern by a pair of machine-knit socks she saw in a Korean dollar store. She kindly offers this pattern as a free ravelry download with step by step, easy to follow instructions.


Find Geena on Ravelry as Ginerbean

Dorianna Rivelli’s ‘Valeries Knee High Socks’ on her webpage The Lavender Chair

These knee-high, open weave socks will certainly keep your feet (and legs) warm in the winter months. Dorianna offers a free, in depth pattern tutorial which can be found on The Lavender Chair or you can purchase the ad-free, printer friendly version on Etsy.


Find Dorianna on Ravelry as The Lavender Chair

Stacey Trock’s ‘Easy Peasy Socks’ pattern on Shiny Happy World

This super easy sock pattern was designed for new knitters to build up their skills and practice different projects. She uses very basic terminology and goes into great detail to ensure that the instructions can be followed easily. Available as a free, downloadable pattern on Shiny Happy World.


Shiny Happy World

Betsy Lee McCarthy’s ‘Winter Garden’ pattern on Ravelry

These gorgeous socks incorporate a traditional Estonian patterned cuff, with lace edging and a cute stripe pattern. A winning combination for these unique socks. This pattern is one of ‘Knit socks!: 17 Classic Patterns for Cozy Feet’ available from Amazon.


Photo credit: stacybrooks87
Find Betsy on Ravelry as BetsyMcCarthy