11 Of The Most Innovative Crochet Patterns On The Web

As much as we love crocheting scarves, socks and other various clothing items, sometimes we just fancy making something a bit different. We have compiled a list of some of the most innovative crochet patterns you won’t be able to resist adding to your Ravelry queue.

Heather Gibbs’ Holiday Coin Purse

This lovely pattern is perfect for beginner crocheters. This little purse is designed to use on holiday to keep your change safe but we think it’s so cute we would use it all the time. Available as a downloadable PDF from lovecrochet.


Find Heather at KeepCalmandCrochetonUK

Cristi H. Payne’s Beginner Crochet Market Bag

This lovely shopping bag pattern is perfect for those of us trying to be green and not use plastic shopping bags.  Designed for the beginner crocheter, Cristi’s pattern is clear and concise with in-depth detail. Available free download on Ravelry.


Find Cristi on Ravelry and on her blog

Tamara Kelly’s Water Bottle Sling

Tamara has come up with the perfect solution to lugging around a drinks bottle on hot summer days. This lovely crochet pattern includes step by step instructions and highly detailed pictures to ensure crocheters of all levels can follow with ease. Available as a free pattern on Moogly.


Find Tamara on Ravelry and on her blog

Emma Friedlander-Collins’ Simple Pot Cover

Brighten up your house plants with these bright, cosy looking pot covers. These can be created in a variety of colours to add a subtle, personalised element to your home. Emma has designed this pattern to be used with a super chunky yarn meaning they are both  robust and versatile. Available as a free, downloadable pattern on Lovecrochet.


Find Emma on her blog Steel & Stitch

Julie Oparka’s Swirly Mice Toys for cats

Tired of wasting money on expensive cat toys? Julie has designed these lovely, bright mice we’re sure will keep your cats entertained for hours. Available as a free, downloadable pattern on Ravelry.


Find Julie on Ravelry as RedBerryCrochet

MJ Carlos’ Mini crochet Easter eggs baskets

Why waste money on expensive Easter baskets when you can crochet your own?Perfect for Easter egg hunts, gifts or even just for decoration. The children are sure to love these just as much as you. Available as a free pattern on HelloYellowYarn.


Find M.J on her blog HelloYellowYarn

Leaf Creations’ Baskets with fold over

Got Yarn balls lying around everywhere cluttering up the place? These handy little baskets are an ideal solution to your problem. With three different sizes these baskets are perfect for storing your spare yarn, hooks or anything else you like. Available as a downloadable pattern from Etsy.


Find Hiltsje on Ravelry as  Leaf Creations

Jackie Blennis’ Rose Hook Holder

Are you always loosing your crochet hooks and knitting notions? Jackie has come up with a solution for this; a crocheted hook holder! This pretty rose pot design can either be created to cover an existing container or filled with your choice of stuffing. Available as a downloadable pattern from Ravelry.


Find Jackie on Ravelry as Urmymom

Erin Sharp’s Shark Bag

This beautiful shark bag is a perfect example of the fun things you can crochet. With Child and Adult pattern sizes available this would be a perfect idea for the shark fan in your life. Available as a free pattern from Cookiesnobcrochet.


Find Erin on Ravelry as TheCookieSnob

Dedri Uys’s Crochet Flower Ball Pattern

Dedri has designed this flower ball, based on a traditional Amish puzzle ball. Built from three segments, the puzzle is trying to figure out how to assemble the ball itself. A perfect gift idea for a child as an alternative to commercial toys. This pattern is available free from LookAtWhatIMade.


Find Dedri on Ravelry as BarbertonDaisy

Kara Gunza’s Pencil-Case

Kara has designed this lovely, simple pencil-case which is a perfect pattern to use up all of your leftover bits of yarn! Based around a paper towel inner tube this case can also be used for other things such a crochet hooks or even notions. This pattern is available for free from PetalsToPicots.


Find Kara on Ravelry as PetalsToPicots