A Crafty Graduation

A Crafty Graduation


Graduation Bunting - By Emilly

Graduation Bunting - By Emilly

With graduation either taking place online or being postponed to a later date, it seems a shame that our loved ones don’t get to celebrate their achievements in style like they deserve. With many families having celebrations at home instead, I decided to have a look at things that can be knitted and crocheted to make their day a little more special.

Graduation Bunting 

We all know that a large part of graduation is the throwing of the mortarboard. Whilst that may not be possible at home, there is no reason that the iconic cap shouldn’t feature in the party decorations! 

Whilst looking for patterns, I came across this beautifully simple design for graduation bunting written by Kara Gunza which is available for free on Ravelry. What makes this design great is that it is easily customisable in terms of both colour and length.

I made this bunting using the classic black and gold graduation colours, however the colours could be easily altered to match specific university or school colours, should you wish to do so. 

Whilst crocheting my first cap for the bunting I found that the directions in the pattern gave the caps rounded corners, whereas I wanted sharper corners so I adjusted where the increase was and placed it in the second SC of the 3SC increase of the previous round. This kept the corners nice and sharp and prevented the work from twisting in the round. To help remind me where to increase I placed a stitch marker in each corner. This also meant no counting of stitches was required and saved me a little time.

Graduation Bunting - By Emilly

Graduation Cap In Progress - by Emilly

When it came to making the tassels, I was still working from home so only had cardboard to hand with which to make them. What I did was I cut the cardboard to be as deep as I wanted the tassel to be long, wrapped the yarn around the cardboard 20 times, threaded yarn through all the strands at the top and tied securely. I then cut the strands at the bottom of the cardboard. To create the rounded bobble at the top, I simply tied yarn around the strands about 1cm down for the secured knot and wrapped around a couple times. 

I then used a crochet hook to pull the tail end of the wrapped yarn under the wrap itself. The strands are then cut to the same length. I also used a small crochet hook to pull up on the strands in the bobble to make sure it had an even rounded look and to remove any gaps. If you would prefer a photo tutorial, the one on the pattern is straightforward and easy to follow. 

I have seen some videos where they have combed through the tassel strands; I decided not to do this as when I tried this method, it just went a tad frizzy. 

To finish it off, I make the chain out of the gold yarn, rather than the black, and slip stitched back along to ensure it was nice and strong. I also chained loops on either end to allow for easy hanging. 

Making Tassels

Making Tassels - by Emilly

Materials Used:

Hook: 5.5mm HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook

Yarn: Cygnet Aran in Black and Honey

Extras: stitch markers, darning needle, smaller crochet hook to pull through strands, scissors, and cardboard for tassels.

For more graduation decorations and gift ideas, take a look at our crafty graduation Pinterest board where you can find inspiration and links to patterns.

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Happy knitting and until next time!

Emilly x