Deluxe Spa Set Part 1

Deluxe Bath Spa Set 

Part 1


Finished Spa Set

Finished Spa Set - By Emilly

With lockdown still in full swing it is important to make sure that we are looking after both ourselves and others. With this in mind, I thought it would be a lovely idea to make a deluxe spa set!

As usual, off I go to Ravelry to find patterns. Whilst browsing through the many patterns I came across a set written by Melanie Grobler. With a full matching set (bath mitt, facecloth, soap saver, shower pouf, face scrubbies) I obviously decided this was the one for me! 

Unfortunately, halfway through making the set, the links to the patterns of the website broke and I was only able to make 3 items from the set, hence why this is part 1 of the Deluxe Spa Set. I will make the rest of the set from selected patterns of Ravelry and will post about that next week!

In terms of the colours I used, I ordered a mixed colour pack of Paintbox Cotton DK (see image below) in which I got ten 50g balls. I then just mixed and matched for the set with the idea of using the Champagne White, of which I received three balls, as the contrast colour to tie the set together.

Painbox Cotton DK Yarn Stack

Paintbox Cotton DK Yarn

Materials used as follows;

Crochet Hook: 4mm HiyaHiya Aluminum Crochet Hook

Yarn: Paintbox Cotton DK (403 Champagne White, 425 Pistachio Green,456 Vintage Pink)

Patterns: Deluxe Spa Set by Melanie Grobler from MandMCrochetDesigns 

Bath Mitt

This is the infamous bath mitt from my last blog about how to get a straight seam when working flat and in the round! Essentially no matter how I interpreted the pattern I could not get a straight seam as the pattern described, so I took to YouTube to figure it out. If you have similar issues I strongly recommend reading my last blog as I share the videos that helped me figure it out.

Once I nailed the technique of the straight seam, the bath mitt crocheted up pretty quickly and the pattern was straight forward. I made the bath mitt a little longer than the pattern suggested because I wanted to come past the wrist a little bit more. The thumb join didn’t come out as neatly as I would have liked, I think I joined a bit loosely causing a bulge on the seam, but it doesn’t hinder function at all, so it’s fine.

Finishing off the bath mitt was really nice and easy. I did an extra row in my contrast colour and then finished off with crab stitch as the pattern suggested. I had never done crab stitch before, but it's super easy and looks pretty. If you like me, aren’t familiar with crab stitch, it is basically a reverse single crochet, so you work left to right instead of right to left. Here is a handy video tutorial on how to do crab stitch.

Lastly I also slip-stitched the chain used to hang it up so make sure that it doesn't stretch over time and reinforce it a little.

Finished Bath Mitt

Finished Bath Mitt - by Emilly

Yarn Main Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Pistachio Green (approximately 40g)

Yarn Contrast Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Champagne White

Hook: 4mm HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook

Soap Saver

This was a super quick crochet and the instructions were clear. In this pattern I learnt how to crochet into both sides of the chain to create a round, so you don’t have to sew it up at the end. I did get a small hole at the end of this bit, but it’s not so noticeable when finished.

Once again I finished it off with a crab stitch in my contrast colour. I found crab stitch a lot easier this time and it came out wonderfully.

For the tie, the pattern uses a chain with a puff stitch style clamshell at the end. As the pattern has been removed from the website I can’t find the technical name for the stitch, sorry! I can say it turned out well. Personally I think I would usually try to get a leather strip or length of twine for the tie, but due to lockdown that isn’t possible right now, so I opted for the crocheted chain tie used in the patter. My only concern is over how this tie will fair after use and how it will stretch and distort over time. I crocheted the tie in the contrast colour to complement the crab stitch border. 

Finished Soap Saver

Finished Soap Saver - by Emilly

Yarn Main Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Vintage Pink (approximately 20g)

Yarn Contrast Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Champagne White

Hook: 4mm HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook

Shower Pouf

The shower pouf was the most time-consuming piece of the deluxe spa set as the last round is made up of over 1000 stitches. It is quite repetitive but is one of those great projects when you don’t really want to have to pay much attention to what you are doing.

The pattern was really straight forward and well written and it came out beautifully. I switched the colours round for this one and made the main colour champagne white and used the pistachio green as the contrast colour.

If you do decide to make your own shower pouf, I strongly recommend sewing in your ends as you go as it quickly grows in size and I can imagine it being tricky to sew in ends at the end of the project.

As with the bath mitt, I reinforced the hanging loop by slip stitching along it, this will hopefully help prevent the chain from stretching when the pouf is wet and heavy.

Finished Shower Pouf

Finished Shower Pouf - by Emilly

Yarn Main Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Champagne White (approximately 70g)

Yarn Contrast Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Pistachio Green

Hook: 4mm HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook

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Happy crafting and until next week!

Emilly x