Deluxe Spa Set Part 2

Deluxe Spa Set - Part 2

Finished Spa Set

Finished Deluxe Spa Set - by Emilly

Hello and welcome to the second part of my blog about making a deluxe spa set!

As stated in my previous blog, halfway through making my spa set, the patterns were removed from the website I had been using leaving me with half a spa set. Rather than leaving the set there, I decided to finish it by using individual patterns from different designers to finish off the set. 

Materials used:

Hook: 4mm & 3.5mm HiyaHiya Aluminum Hooks

Yarn: Paintbox Cotton DK (410 Soft Fudge, 403 Champagne White, 409 Light Caramel, 456 Vintage Pink, 425 Pistachio Green)

Accessories: Locking Stitch Markers x 16, Darning Needle


Finished Criss Cross Facecloth - by Emilly

Finished Criss Cross Facecloth - by Emilly

I found this pattern on Ravelry by searching the terms ‘facecloth’ toggling the ‘crochet’ option. I really liked the simplicity of the pattern and how the criss-cross pattern just added a little je ne sais quoi to it. The pattern was really easy to follow and well written. This would be a great project for someone relatively new to crochet.

I decided to use a dark main colour on the facecloth as I know I always get makeup all over them and it can be hard to get out of light colours. I then decided to use the champagne white for the criss-cross pattern and crab stitch edging.

I ignored the gauge and row count on this one and just crocheted until it was square. In terms of size, once I had finished the (nearly) square it was 24cm by 25cm. I then SC around the outside using my contrast yarn and divided the facecloth into 5 sections across and down, each 5cm in length. I marked the 5cm mark on each side of the facecloth using locking stitch markers. Once you have one side measured and the stitch marker placed you can then follow your row of stitches across to make sure it is a straight line across. I found measuring on either side didn’t give me a straight line as my gauge was a bit off at the time. Then, as per the pattern instructions, using my contrast yarn I slip stitch across from one marker to the next to create the criss-cross pattern. Whilst this felt a little clumsy at first, I soon got the hang of it and it looked lovely. To finish off and tie it to the rest of the set I crab stitched around the outside in the contrast yarn.

Criss Cross Facecloth with Stitch Markers - by Emilly

Criss Cross Facecloth with Stitch Markers - by Emilly

Pattern: Criss Cross Cotton Facecloth by Merrian Holland

Yarn Main Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Soft Fudge (approximately 45g)

Yarn Contrast Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Champagne White (approximately 10g)

Hook: 4mm HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook

Sleep Mask:

 Finished Face Mask - by Emilly

Finished Face Mask - by Emilly

I came across this sleep mask pattern on Pinterest which linked through to the Little Things Blogged webpage where the free pattern is available. As with the facecloth, I really liked the simplicity of the facemask and that it had a solid band at the back rather than a tie, ribbon, or elastic, which can be uncomfortable to sleep on.

It crocheted up really quickly and the pattern is clearly written and easy to follow. Having finished the main part of the sleep mask I decided to crochet a secondary smaller sleep mask in my contrast colour to line it and make it more opaque and fit for purpose. To make the smaller lining I just dropped my hook size down to a 3.5mm instead of 4mm and repeated the pattern. If you decide to line yours, you can do it this way or just crochet up another mask on a 4mm hook and then sew them together which would then prevent you from having a seam that will sit on your face as I have.

The crocheted band across the back was easy to do, I added an extra row of SC to reinforce it. To finish off the mask, I then crab stitched around the outside with my contrast yarn, once again just to tie it to the set.

Face Mask Reverse - by Emilly

Face Mask Reverse - by Emilly

Pattern: Sleeping Mask by Tanya Eberhardt (author of Little Things Blogged)

Yarn Main Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Light Caramel (approximately 15g)

Yarn Contrast Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Champagne White (approximately 10g)

Hook: 4mm & 3.5mm HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook

Face Scrubbies:

Face Scrubbies - by Emilly

Face Scrubbies - by Emilly

I don’t think a deluxe spa set is complete without face scrubbies! Each flower scrubby took about half an hour to make from start to finish. I made a couple per colour used in the spa set, ten total. The pattern was well written and easy to follow. 

This is also a really great way to use up the odds and ends of your cotton or cotton bamboo blend as each scrubby only takes about 3g of yarn. Given how little time and effort they take to make, they really do complete the set nicely.

Pattern: Flower Face Scrubby by Sarah Gross

Yarns: Paintbox Cotton DK in Champagne White, Vintage Pint, Soft Fudge, Light Caramel and Pistachio Green (approximately 3g per scrubby)

Hook: 4mm  HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook

Wash Bag:

Finished Wash Bag - By Emilly

Finished Wash Bag - By Emilly

Last but not least, I decided to make a little bag to keep the scrubbies in, that would also be thrown in the washer to keep them all together.

I found this pattern on the Garn Studio website and it is technically a soap saver. At first I was a little bit off-put as the pattern is chart-based and I sometimes struggle to follow charts. I decided the easiest thing would be to translate the chart into row by row instructions that I could follow. If you are anything like me and look at the chart and panic a bit, here is the written pattern for it in US terminology:

Chain 44, slip stitch to form a round. 

Rnd 1: ch 1 (place marker in this stitch), sc into same space, sc around, sl st into chain 1 that you placed the marker in

Rnd 2: chain 3* (place stitch marker in the top of the chain 3), dc into the first sc of the round, ch 2, skip 1 sc and dc into the next sc, chain 2. Your repeat is “dc, chain 2, skip 1 sc”. You will finish the round with a chain 2, slip stitch into the top of the chain 3 or alternative double crochet where you placed your stitch marker.

Rnd 3: ch 1 (place stitch marker in this stitch) 2 sc in each chain 2 space around, sl st into the chain 1 where you placed the stitch marker.

Note: The chain 1 is not included in your stitch count.

Repeat these three rounds until you have the desired height.

Finish with an additional round of sc.

*I use an alternative dc instead of the chain and I do this is the first sc not the space you sl st into as it comes out a lot neater and you don't have the gappiness that the chain 3 creates

I hope you find this useful. I’m very new to translating charts to written instructions, so apologies if they are confusing.

Once I had finished the bag I also then decided to make a bottom for the bag as I thought it would be better if it could stand, so I just made a circle the same side as the circumference of the round worked above and sewed this together.

To finish it off I plaited a tie to the bag in Vintage Pink. In order to make sure it was sturdy and would withstand being tied I used 6 strands of yarn. This was then fed through the penultimate round of gaps.

Pattern: Soap Saver by DROPS Designs

Yarn Main Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Champagne White (approximately 30g)

Yarn Contrast Colour: Paintbox Cotton DK in Vintage Pink (approximately 5g)

Hook: 3.5mm  HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook


Deluxe Spa Set

Basket with Deluxe Spa Set - by Emilly

When I said last but not least for the bag I really meant it, but apparently I couldn't leave it there. With everything finished I then remembered my mum mentioning it would be lovely for it all to have a basket to go in, and I could just not get that out of my head. So I crocheted like it would save my life just to get it ready to go out in this blog and, oh my goodness, it just makes the whole set look extra deluxe!

I have a go to basket pattern written by Emily Bolduan. It is super easy to follow and I have used it a lot, I can’t recommend this pattern enough.

My only tip for this pattern is to place a stitch marker in the second increase stitch as this is where you will increase the following round. It saves you a lot of time counting.

I used whatever yarn I had left over, which was Champagne White, Vintage Pink and Light Caramel, held double. I started with Champagne white and Light Caramel, when I ran out of the white I then picked up the Vintage Pink, ran out of Light Caramel and picked up the other end of the Vintage Pink and I crocheted until I ran out of yarn.

Now I really am done with this project, I promise!

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Happy crafting and until next week!

Emilly x