Football Patterns For The Fifa World Cup 2018

The World Cup in Russia begins this Thursday and to help you support your country this year, we have some unique football patterns that you can stitch. Score the winning goal and don’t miss a stitch of football this Summer.

football amigurumi

by IlDikko

Many kids dream of becoming a footballer when they get older and Sporty Stevie did just that. Bring Stevie and the World Cup to life by crocheting this unique doll, and keep the atmosphere electric during this year’s World Cup in Russia.

Football keyrings

by Leem

Keep the World Cup spirit alive every time you use your keys by crocheting these football key-rings. Now you’ll never lose your keys when you’re dribbling through all your errands for the day.


by Emma Moss

Summer weather and a World Cup in Russia is the perfect opportunity to kick a football around. With a 4 mm crochet hook, 8 ply yarn, and some polyester toy stuffing, you can stitch your own football to kick around your house with.

football hat

by Britteny Landon

It gets awfully cold in Russia, even during the Summer, in some areas you will need to keep your head and ears warm. Luckily, with this pattern, you can knit yourself a new hat and show your support for your favourite sport.

football bag

by Mary Onorati

With all your new football-themed items, you’ll need something to carry it all with you. This football bag is perfect to keep the spirit of football high during and after the World Cup!