Gotta Stitch Em All Lavender Town

We continue our pokémon journey and end up in a spooky town. Lavender Town is full of mystery and suspicion, with plenty of new pokémon to find and stitch. However, not all is how it might seem…

#98 – Krabby

krabby amigurumi

by Winnie

Bikini Bottom is a long way down, but fortunately you don’t need to travel that far to find a Krabby. Whether it’s gripping you with its claws or firing a bubblebeam your way, the river crab pokémon is a worthy challenge for any stitcher.

#99 – Kingler

kingler amigurumi

by Artisans Shadow

One of its claws has grown much larger than the other, which as a result, is incredibly powerful. Kingler has a pounding crabhammer, as well as a crippling vice grip, leaving the pincer pokémon as a serious threat to your stitches.

#100 – Voltorb

voltorb amigurumi

by J.Lopez

On your adventure across Kanto, you will probably encounter many items on the ground that resemble pokéballs. While many of these will be incredibly useful to your journey, some will end up sending a shock through your body. Voltorb is suspiciously well camouflaged as a pokéball, don’t be fooled!

#101 – Electrode

electrode amigurumi

by Linda Potts

Any kind of excitement can cause this pokémon to explode. Electrode often gets confused for an upside-down pokéball, causing frequent self destructions. Tread carefully, the ball pokémon isn’t a joke.

#102 – Exeggcute

exeggcute amigurumi

Six seeds that look like eggs, one that seems to always be showing its yolk, Exeggcute is one of the many oddities of the Pokémon world. A nice beginner pattern to start with, master one egg and you’ve mastered them all.

#103 – Exeggutor

exeggutor amigurumi

by Shelly Hedko

Without going loco down in Acapulco, your journey has managed to end up in a tropical resort. Exeggutor resembles a coconut tree and usually has three heads. Legend has it, that if one of the heads drops off, it will continue life as an Exeggcute. Get stitching more eggs!

#104 – Cubone

cubone amigurumi

by Vera Kroese

Perhaps the saddest story in Pokémon history. Cubone wears the skull of its recently deceased mother and will wear the skull for the rest of its life. No one has ever seen one without the skull on its head. Stitch with care.

#105 – Marowak

marowak amigurumi

by Crafty Weavers

Originally a weak and fragile pokémon, it became more aggressive as it became more skilled with its bone club. Marowak has a nasty boomerang attack that will knock you off your perch, make sure you have your own tools to hand.

#106 – Hitmonlee

hitmonlee amigurumi

by Dark Water 9

Bruce Lee was famous for his martial arts; Hitmonlee is famous for its kick. Even stitching at a distance won’t do much good as its kick can stretch out when it gets particularly feisty.

#107 – Hitmonchan

hitmonchan amigurumi

by Winnie

Hitmonchan can punch so fast that its fists become invisible. Keep a safe distance and you should be alright to stitch this competitive beast. Get too close, and you won’t know what’s hit you!

#108 – Lickitung

lickitung amigurumi

Lickitung does exactly what its name suggests. Its tongue is able to paralyse careless crocheters, so be on guard to ensure you’re able to continue your favourite craft.

#109 – Koffing

koffing amigurumi

by Katherine Homer

Because it has several different kinds of toxins in their bodies, it is prone to exploding. Much like Electrode, it’s best to keep a safe distance from Koffing to ensure you don’t get caught in its next unpredictable explosion.

#110 – Weezing

weezing amigurumi

by Shelly Hedko

If two kinds of poisons meet, two Koffings can join to form a Weezing. It grows by feeding on rubbish which causes an even fouler stench to be emitted. Stitching the poison gas pokémon is as odious as Muk and as dangerous as Electrode.

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