Gotta Stitch Em All Many Of Horror

Things become a little more frightful as you walk into some colder, darker places. Make it out of this haunted mansion and you’ll be all the stronger for it. Try not to get caught out stitching when your shadow begins to have a mind of its own!

#86 – Seel

seel amigurumi

by Diana Caulfield

Grab your thickest jacket because to find Seel you will need to venture to the coldest parts of the planet. Its horn on its head is incredibly sharp, able to pierce through ice with ease. A kiss from a rose would be less painful than a headbutt from this one.

#87 – Dewgong

dewgong amigurumi

by Winnie

Elegant in appearance, ferocious in nature, Dewgong becomes more relentless the colder it gets. The seal lion pokémon is quite the dangerous foe but can be easily stitched by an experienced crocheter.

#88 – Grimer

grimer amigurumi

by Eliktriktoad

A revolting path to cross, Grimer is made of sludge that was exposed to x-rays from the Moon. Its rubbery body can fit through any gap, and particularly enjoys squeezing through sewage pipes so it can feast. This won’t be a pleasant stitch.

#89 – Muk

muk amigurumi

by cbdvulpix

It’s so toxic, even its footprints contain poison. They love to gather in smelly areas where sludge accumulates, creating a far worse smell than previously known. If you can stitch this one without fainting, you’re already a crochet master.

#90 – Shellder

shellder amigurumi

by Djonesgirlz

Shellder swims backwards by opening and closing its shell, it can reach surprisingly quick speeds and might be quite the difficult pokémon to catch. If threatened, as a last resort, it will clamp its shell onto the victim, exposing its vulnerable body. Treat this one with care.

#91 – Cloyster

cloyster amigurumi

by Winnie

Cloyster’s shell is harder than diamond and can withstand a bomb. It only opens its shell to attack. It fires spikes at its foe when under attack so keep a safe distance while stitching. This one is difficult to get out of its shell.

#92 – Gastly

gastly amigurumi

by Amanda L. Girão

Practically invisible, this will be one of the more challenging stitches. Gastly is made from mostly gas and this pattern does a remarkable job of simulating Gastly’s disposition.

#93 – Haunter

haunter amigurumi

by Amanda L. Girão

Things start to become more spooky when Gastly evolves. Haunter is an incredibly dangerous pokémon, capable of sapping a person’s life away with a single lick. It will hide in the darkness, be careful venturing there.

#94 – Gengar

gengar amigurumi

by Ana Amélia

Gengar likes to mimic the shadows of people and delights in their fright. It is thought to have once been human and is looking for a companion, so takes the lives of humans to try create one. If you feel a chill on your shoulder, give up, you’ve already lost stitching the shadow pokémon.

#95 – Onix

onix amigurumi

by NanetteCrochet

A gigantic pokémon that burrows through the ground at 5mph, Onix is not to be taken lightly. Due to its massive size, this one could take a lifetime to complete. You’ll have to be a quick crocheter to get to the end of this one.

#96 – Drowzee

drowzee amigurumi

by Billingtons Bazaar

Easily one of the freakiest pokémon. Drowzee puts people to sleep and eats their dreams. If your dream is to crochet the hypnosis pokémon then at this point, it’s already been eaten.

#97 – Hypno

hypno amigurumi

by Winnie

It was said that Drowzee was one of the freakiest pokémon but Hypno is the freakiest pokémon! Whatever you do, do not check out its pokédex entry, it’s the yarn of nightmares. Let’s hope you awaken from this nightmare with a new amigurumi doll.

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