Gotta Stitch Em All Under The Sea

Travelling across the seas around Kanto, we discover quite a few water type pokémon. The world is mysterious below the surface, and there’s some tough pokémon down there that will be a difficult stitch, but you’re ready for this amigurumi adventure!

#111 – Rhyhorn

rhyhorn amigurumi

by Phee-e

A pokémon with a one-track mind, it won’t stop charging until it falls asleep. As long as it doesn’t notice you, you’ll be safe to stitch the spikes pokémon. Rhyhorn will be a tough stitch for inexperienced crocheters.

#112 – Rhydon

rhydon amigurumi

by La Guarida Geek

According to Ken Sugimori, Rhydon was the first pokémon ever created. However, this probably wouldn’t be the best choice for your first stitch! The drill pokémon is hyper aggressive and will not be an easy foe.

#113 – Chansey

chansey amigurumi

by Courtney Vonada

Chansey is an incredibly rare pokémon and you won’t want to miss your opportunity to stitch this one. The egg pokémon is ready to hatch all your ideas and help your amigurumi, as well as bring you happiness!

#114 – Tangela

tangela amigurumi

by Katherine Homer

Tangela’s identity is obscured by its long, blue vines. The vine pokémon will get your crochet in a knot if you’re not careful, so it’s best to stitch this one slowly to avoid any tangles in the yarn.

#115 – Kangaskhan

kangaskhan amigurumi

by Winnie

Incredibly aggressive due to its protective instinct over its young joey, Kangaskhan is best stitched at a distance. The parent pokémon is a physically terrifying pokémon that won’t be an easy fight.

#116 – Horsea

horsey amigurumi

by Crafty Hanako

The dragon pokémon isn’t a dragon type but a water type. Horsea shoots jets of water at insects to knock them off their perch. It swims backwards with its huge dorsal fins and sprays ink at any creature that threatens it.

#117 – Seadra

seadra amigurumi

by Winnie

Much like Horsea, Seadra swims backwards using its huge dorsal fins to propel backwards. The dragon pokémon has large spikes on its back that cause those that touch it to become numb.

#118 – Goldeen

goldeen amigurumi

by Winnie

Known as the water queen, Goldeen elegantly swims around rivers like a ballet dancer. However, don’t let your guard down around the goldfish pokémon, it is prone to bashing creatures with its large horn.

#119 – Seaking

seaking amigurumi

by Dear Angel Tori

When the water turns cold, its body turns a deep red to highlight autumn is coming. The horn on its head is like a sharp drill, able to bore holes into rocks under the water. Seaking can be aggressive, be careful when stitching.

#120 – Staryu

staryu amigurumi

by Samantha Gibbs

An enigmatic pokémon that can regenerate any appendage it closes in battle, Staryu is able to recover very quickly. The star shape pokémon’s core glows brightly at night time, often in alignment with the stars in the sky.

#121 – Starmie

starmie amigurumi

by Winnie

The central core of Starmie glows the seven colours of the rainbow. The mysterious pokémon is thought to originate from out of space but nobody really knows. It’s a tough pokémon with psychic powers, but you’ve got what it takes by now to complete this pattern!

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