Netflix Stitch Stranger Things

Time to pop your corn, cast on your yarn, and Netflix and stitch. This week’s edition will be Stranger Things. Let’s dive into the Upside Down and find what amigurumi might be lurking within its depths.

eleven amigurumi

by Allison Hoffman

Her mysterious psychokinetic abilities will be incredibly useful in completing this amigurumi doll. Complete with the bloody nose, this is a fantastic example of detailed crochet.

Stranger Things amigurumi

by Vivianne Russo

If Eleven isn’t enough, then why not stitch the whole gang? Now to find Will down in the Upside Down universe and solve the mysteries of crochet and amigurumi. Mind you, we might never find our way out!

demogorgon amigurumi

by Las Mil Agujas

The terrors that exist in the Upside Down universe can be ferociously intimidating. This demogorgon amigurumi is as terrifying as the creatures that terrorised the fictional town of Hawkins in Indiana.

stranger things lights

by Christine Gibson

The lights would flicker when portal holes would open and connect to the two universes. Now you can connect your yarn to Stranger Things and recreate the terrifying scenes of the lights flickering.

Dustin amigurumi

by Lorena Flores

Dustin is a champ, and in the second series manages to befriend a demogorgon. Now you can defy the odds of your own crochet and amigurumi by attempting this pattern of Dustin himself.


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