Netflix Stitch Rick And Morty

Time to pop your corn, cast on your yarn, and Netflix and stitch. This week’s edition, and the first of many, will be Rick and Morty. Let’s take an adventure into a different universe and see the weird and whacky amigurumi from there.

rick sanchez amigurumi

by Tina L Crafts

A genius, sociopathic, emotionally abusive, dismissive, narcissistic, self-centered, incredibly intelligent and alcoholic mad scientist who is the father of Beth Smith and the maternal grandfather of Morty and Summer. Reveal your crazy side to crochet when you stitch up this amigurumi doll.

Morty Smith amigurumi

by Enchanted Treasures

Rick’s 14-year-old grandson who is frequently dragged into Rick’s misadventures. Morty is a good kid but he is easily distressed. He is often reluctant to follow Rick’s plans, and he often ends up traumatized by the unorthodox and morally questionable methods Rick uses to ‘fix’ situations. Help Morty relax with your very own Morty amigurumi doll.

mr meeseeks amigurumi

by The Unknown Orchid

A race of blue humanoid creatures who all share the same name and personality. The Meeseeks are created from a metal box called a Meeseeks Box, and once they appear, whoever summoned them must give them a single, simple task for them to fulfill, after which they disappear in a cloud of smoke. That task today is to crochet an amigurumi doll of them both.

mr poopy butthole amigurumi

by Fox in the Snow Designs

A longtime family friend. He is a parody of wacky side characters on television shows. But with HiyaHiya crochet hooks and some delightful yarn, his amigurumi doll would never have to be a side doll.

pickle rick amigurumi

by Victoria Yevl

Rick as a pickle… we needn’t say more.


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