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Netflix Stitch Star Trek

Time to pop your corn, cast on your yarn, and Netflix and stitch. This week’s edition will be Star Trek. Time to boldly go where no crocheter has gone before and discover amigurumi in the Delta Quadrant.

star trek original series amigurumi

by Two Hearts Crochet

The original series brought some of the most iconic characters. Mr. Spock is certainly a classic, as is James Kirk and Scotty. Now, you can explore the galaxy with the original crew by stitching these wonderful amigurumi patterns.

star trek next generation amigurumi

by Smapte

Amigurumi went to the next generation with this crew. Picard and his diplomatic abilities have led to these patterns being perfect for beginners, and when you hit warp speed, you’ll have the whole gang in no time.

star trek enterprise amigurumi

by MicioGatta

When humans finally built their own warp drive, they could finally head out into the vast space of galaxy. This crew was the first to explore the alpha quadrant, and during that time, they found new amigurumi patterns on their way.

USS Enterprise amigurumi

by TarjaMetal

One doesn’t simply stitch the universe without a ship to take them there. the USS Enterprise is the perfect carriage to take you on your galactic crochet journey. Get your crew ready and enter warp speed, and stitch this pattern.

andorian amigurumi

by Gram Union

One of the first aliens to meet the USS Enterprise crew were the Andorians. These quirky bunch of space dwellers are eager to show off their crochet patterns. Fortunately, you can show off yours too by stitching these glorious patterns.


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