Polar Bear Amigurumi For International Polar Bear Day

It’s International Polar Bear day and it’s time to celebrate and raise awareness for the adorable bear. Climate change has damaged the natural environment of all Arctic species by melting the ice sheets, which has raised the sea level as well as eroded the habitat of all species adapted to that environment. To help raise awareness, share a polar bear amigurumi doll!

polar bear amigurumi

by Joanna Ma

Whether you agree that seals are delicious or not, it would be difficult to not find this polar cub adorable. For International Polar Bear day, let’s save our new friend’s home and igloo, and maybe even knit her a scarf or two.

The designer recommends using Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Solids, Heathers and Twists yarn to create your own little polar cub. A HiyaHiya 3.75mm Aluminum Crochet Hook would be perfect to start your adventure into amigurumi with this beginner level pattern.

polar bear amigurumi

by Alan Dart

Below the Northern Lights there lives a sleepy polar bear, trying to keep warm in the chill of the Arctic night. Sirdar is ready to make friends as long as he can stay warm at night.

The designer recommends Hayfield Bonus Toytime DK, Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake DK (if the name fits), or Hayfield Bonus DK; a yarn weight of 8 ply is ideal. A HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook with a 4.0mm tip is perfect to start a new friendship with this cuddly bear.

polar bear amigurumi

by Squibbly Bups

A polar bear on its hind legs is an intimidating sight, but fortunately this one only wants some bear hugs. He is knit flat in two pieces and then sewn together with one seam, a great pattern for a beginner.
The designer suggest using Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 yarn with a weight of 10 ply. A 4mm crochet hook is suggested, but for a wide variety of crochet hooks for all your amigurumi needs, HiyaHiya’s Ultimate Crochet Hook Set is the perfect companion for your favourite hobby.

polar bear amigirumi

by Pat Alinejad

If one polar bear isn’t enough, stitch up a few more! The large polar bear stands at 46cm while the small polar bear comes in at 30cm, but of course, your creative spirit can crochet up a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ice Yarns Eyelash yarn is recommend by the designer to complete this adorable group, with a suggested weight of 10 ply. A crochet hook with a 3.5mm tip is needed, and HiyaHiya’s Crochet set is perfect for this pattern and onto your next, without the worry of whether you have the right hook for the job.

polar bear amigurumi

by Megan Kreiner

If the opportunity arises, a polar bear will catch a fish. This rare moment has been captured in amigurumi, with an adorable cub carrying a fish within its jaws. This very hungry friend is ready to share sushi with you!

Knit Picks Biggo yarn is advised by the designer, at a weight of 12 ply. A HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook with a 6.0mm tip is perfect to create your new partner. You’ll never be eating alone again!

polar bear amigurumi

by Mary Smith

This little polar bear is both hilarious and adorable at the same time, the perfect gift to cheer someone up. Plus, this design can be integrated into not just a polar bear, but many different critters! Try a penguin or a reindeer to complete your new tundra trio.

To stitch the polar bear, the designer recommends Red Heart Super Saver Solids yarn with a weight of 10 ply. A crochet hook with a 3.75mm tip is the ideal companion for this job, with a HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook Bundle ideal to ensure you have enough tools to complete a variety of creatures in this style.

polar bear amigurumi

by Justyna Kacprzak

With the current wintry whether covering Northern Europe, this gang of miscreants are ready to start a snowball fight with you. The polar bear might be the leader of the gang, but the robin has a look of complete mischief that she’s ready to fire a dozen snowballs your way!

To prepare yourself for battle, the designer suggests a yarn that weights around 8 ply. You will need two hook sizes, 2.5mm and 3.0mm, to start this snowball fight, and HiyaHiya’s Crochet Hook Set won’t leave you without ammunition.


Climate change is one of the biggest impacts currently on the environment, and the polar bear’s plight is directly linked to the melting of the ice sheets. Help spread awareness of not only the dwindling numbers of the polar bear, but all species currently struggling due to the destruction of their environment.
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