Stitching Nightmares Alien

The countdown to the best day of the year has begun – Halloween. With every missed stitch that makes you shiver to every frayed yarn that makes you scream, HiyaHiya Direct has a Horror film for you that brings out the terror in your projects. This week’s thrill is Alien.

Facehugger alien

by aGhexia

The second stage of the Xenomorph and perhaps the most terrifying. Known for wrapping its eight limbs around its victim’s face and the tail around their neck to ensure a firm grip, the Facehugger is impossible to remove once attached.  Planting this on your doorstep this Halloween will surely keep the trick-or-treaters away long enough to enjoy your evening… that’s if it doesn’t grow into the last stage Xenomorph.

alien xenomorph for halloween

by Martha Dzwonkowska

A slightly cutesy take on an otherwise terrifying creature. The Xenomorph is relentless and practically unstoppable. This cute interpretation might melt your heart this Halloween, but should it grow into the full-size alien, it’s already too late.

xenomorph alien halloween

by macabrochet

Now the stitching is becoming horrifying, just how we remember the original Alien film. This pattern is quite detailed, displaying the terror of the Xenomorph in all its glory. There’s no where to run, no frayed yarn to miss, and no stitch left untouched, this beast is going to provide you your greatest challenge this Halloween.

alien jumper

It can get frosty around this time of year and you’ll need a fabulous jumper to match the festivities. Whether it’s the chill in the air or the shiver down your spine, this Alien jumper will be an amazing addition to your wardrobe, complete with the Xenomorph in all its glory. Now you can be the antagonist of your own movie.


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